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Book your next event today with the best rated online event framework in the world.

Reach visitors and work with exhibitors from across the globe. Physical distance can’t stop you.
Have visitors team up, collect stickers, find easter eggs and reach the max level to unlock surprises.
Allow visitors to meet up with friends and colleagues, while also reaching new contacts.

Not another digital event

unless it's from Super Crowd 😎

More than 105,000 happy visitors since and 1,200 exhibitors have used our digital events.


The best rated online entertainment events in the world 🌟


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Exhibitor Backend
The flexible backend system makes it incredibly easy to change the displayed content - even when the event is in full swing. Doesn't matter if it's NPC dialogues, trailers or linked websites.
Video Calls
Our video call system allows visitors to connect with friends and colleagues, meet new people and spontaneously set up meetings - without ever having to leave the platform.
Social Mechanics
Ever wondered how fun it would be to carry out challenges during an event? In our online world, players can team up, conquer areas and collect points for their team.
Thanks to our gamified approach, visitors stay longer and are more engaged than at regular online events. Players can level up, collect stickers and create their own individual characters and often stay in our online world for 2-4 hours.
Online Multiplayer
Up to 40.000 people can visit our online events at the same time - sounds like a party! πŸŽ‰
Account System
We are able to integrate your existing account system into our platform or you can use the Super Crowd system, should you wish to determine specific user groups (such as exhibitor, visitor, VIP, ...). The choice is yours!
Custom worlds and NPCs are also available. Get in touch with us to find out what that could look like!

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    Wolf Lang


    Built for growth 🌱 Super Crowd

    If you’re tired of boring digital events, we’ve got at least one thing in common. At Super Crowd, we create digital event experiences that people actually want to engage with. How? Well, by building an interactive online playground for both exhibitors and visitors to come together in whilst completing challenges and making memories. Starting off in the physical event space, the pandemic forced us to come up with an innovative way to transfer the community feeling of physical events into a digital space. In 2020, the team sat together for several months to come up with the playable Super Crowd framework which would go on to draw in over 100,000 visitors, win awards and garner extraordinary partner and sponsor feedback.